QuickPage and TAP Gateway

QuickPage, by Qpage Solutions, is a client/server software package that enables you to send messages to an alphanumeric pager, celluar phone, or other messaging device. The QuickPage client accepts a message from the user and forwards it to a server using SNPP. The server uses a modem to transmit the message to TAP Gateway using the Telocator Alpha Numeric (TAP) protocol (also known as the IXO protocol).

QuickPage was originally developed for Solaris 2.x but it also works fine with most other UNIX versions, including AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, and Linux.

QuickPage can be integrated with other applications that do not natively support TAP, such as Nagios.

QuickPage has been fully tested with and is compatible with TAP Gateway.

To learn more about QuickPage, visit their web site at www.qpage.org.

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